Night Shift
by Charlaine Harris
Ace Books, 2016

A Review by
Steve Cordle
Included in Fast Forward Episode #286
August, 2016

Midnight, Texas is a sleepy little crossroads out in the middle of nowhere. And that’s just how its inhabitants like it, because each of them is just a little unusual and likes to stay under the radar. There’s a witch, two fallen angels, a weretiger, a vampire, and a psychic, just for starters.

Charlaine Harris started the Midnight, Texas novels three years ago, after completing her highly successful series about Sookie Stackhouse, which was turned into the television phenomenon True Blood on HBO. The first novel was Midnight Crossroad, the second, Day Shift, and now we have Night Shift.

Something is stirring under the intersection, and it’s not friendly. The first indication everyone knew of its presence was a guy in a pickup who got out of his truck, staggered a bit, and shot himself. But it turns out that Lemuel, the vampire, observed a homeless woman who stabbed herself a week ago, which he didn’t mention to anyone. That made two inexplicable suicides in a row. Then the mysterious entity that was convincing these people to kill themselves started speaking in the mind of Fiji, the witch.

All of the Midnight characters have to work together to figure out what kind of monster this is, and how to confine it or destroy it before it gets strong enough to break out of its prison. That journey is a fascinating and delightful story of the high quality we have learned to expect from Charlaine Harris.
The personalities are well developed and sympathetic, and the plot is compelling. This book has love, intrigue, violence, a menacing evil, and suspense. What more could you want?

I highly recommend Night Shift, but if you want to get the whole story from the beginning, start with Midnight Crossroad, the first in this series, and enjoy all three. They’re lots of fun.