Connie Willis interview, FF#256

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Sorry it’s taken so long to get this month’s episode posted – the production team has been consumed with helping on the SFWA Nebula Awards Weekend.

Author Connie Willis

Finally, however, the interview from episode #256 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is available to view online. In this episode we welcome back author Connie Willis. Mrs. Willis, who has won many, many awards for her work, has recently been given the SFWA Grand Master Award (a recognition of lifetime achievement in the field). In this interview Mrs. Willis talks about the early days of her career, her love of movies, and the trepidation of having her work adapted for the screen. She also discusses her research and writing process, and talks about plot versus character.

Also in this episode:

Colleen Cahill reviews The Master of Heathcrest Hall, a novel by Galen Beckett.
Marianne Petrino gives 3 chans to Ghost Slayers Ayashi, an anime television and OVA series.

This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in May, 2012.

Episode #257 should be coming along soon.  Really.

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