Fast Forward #278 – Interview with Alan Smale

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Episode #278 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is now available, featuring an interview with award winning author Alan Smale. Mr. Smale talks about his first novel, Clash of Eagles. He discusses his interest in writing alternate history stories, and all of the research the genre requires.

You can find and watch the complete interview on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, or on the Fast Forward website. This interview was recorded in the studio on 4/26/2015.

Author Alan Smale

Also in this episode:

Colleen Cahill reviews Hollywood Presents Jules Verne, a book by Brian Taves about screen adaptations of the works of Jules Verne.

Marianne Petrino gives 5 chans, her highest rating, to the anime feature film Princess Jellyfish.

This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in July of 2015.

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