Fast Forward #285 – Interview with Charles Stross

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Episode #285 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is now available. This episode has the first of several interviews we conducted on location at Balticon 50 and features celebrated and award winning author Charles Stross. Mr. Stross talks about about two of his popular series of books – The Laundry Files and The Merchant Princes. He covers everything from handling character point of view to the dealing with contracts and commercial publishing decisions. He also talks about the upcoming Empire Games trilogy, set in the same universe as The Merchant Princes.

You can find and watch the complete interview on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, or on the Fast Forward website. This interview was recorded in Baltimore, MD on 5/27/2016.


Author Charles Stross


Also in this episode:

Colleen Cahill, who has been “out of commission” because of ongoing dental work, gives us a special, lighthearted review of In Humor Most Odd, a collection of stories and essays by Alan Loewen.

Marianne Petrino gives a rating of four chans to the anime series Steins;Gate.

This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in July of 2016.

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