Fast Forward #288 – Interview with Maria V. Snyder

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Episode #288 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is now available. This episode features a new interview with author Maria V. Snyder. Mrs. Snyder talks about Shadow Study, Night Study and the upcoming Dawn Study, all from her very popular Poison Study series of novels. She describes the difficulties of writing a satisfying “prequel” without doing harm to the established timeline of a series. She also discusses her trip to a major Australian convention, the response of Japanese fans to recent translations of her work into Japanese, and her series of writing advice articles.

You can find and watch the complete interview on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, or on the Fast Forward website. This interview was recorded on location in Baltimore, MD on 5/28/2016.

Author Maria V. Snyder

Author Maria V. Snyder

Also in this episode:

Guest book reviewer Steve Cordle discusses Child of a Hidden Sea and A Daughter of No Nation, the first two books in the Hidden Sea Tales series by A. M. Dellamonica.

Marianne Petrino gives a rating of 4 chans, to the anime series Shangri-La.

This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in November of 2016.

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