Fast Forward #291 – interview with Joe Haldeman

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In episode #291 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction, award winning author and SFWA Grand Master Joe Haldeman talks about his illustrious career as a science fiction writer! Mr. Haldeman talks about his experiences at various writing workshops, his work as a writing teacher, and the pros and cons of long-term writing contracts.

Please note: the interview in the TV episode was edited for time considerations. However, you can find and watch the complete interview on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, or on the Fast Forward website – or click on the photo of Joe Haldeman above. This interview was recorded on location in Baltimore, MD on 5/28/2016.

Also in this episode:
Steve Cordle reviews Fire Touched, a Mercy Thompson novel by Patricia Briggs.
Marianne Petrino gives a rating of 3 chans to Red Data Girl, an anime series distributed by Funimation.

Episode #291 of Fast Forward was first shown in July of 2017.

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