Mike Zipser at AwesomeCon

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Today I was at AwesomeCon, a big comic con here in DC. This year threy asked me to moderate a couple of their presentations. Today was Georgina Haig. If you don’t know who she is she played Else (from Frozen) in Once Upon a Time ( a show I’m a fan of), as well as Etta on Fringe, and Pippa on Limitless. She has also been in a number of other shows, here and in Australia (where she is from).

She was a delightful person to interview. She is very funny and very open about herself. When we opened things up for questions from the audience, she loved and recognized the costumes and was glad to talk with the fans about them I must say that the audience questions were really very good. She has a smart fanbase.

We talked some about the comedy she has done in Australia including a sketch comedy show. Georgina has great comedy chops – someone should get her cast in a comedy over here. She will shine.


I’ve included a photo she was nice enough to take with me after the interview.

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