Terry Pratchett interview from 2003 now on YouTube

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We recently dug through the Fast Forward:Contemporary Science Fiction archives to find interviews we had done with Sir Terry Pratchett over the years. Three of these were shown at the recent North American Disc World Convention in New Orleans, LA.

The most recent of the interviews is already available on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, but we are taking this opportunity to put the earlier ones online as well. The first interview is from episode #159, and was recorded in 2003. In it, Terry talks about many things, including the novel Monstrous Regiment, his 31st Discworld book.

You can find the interview here, on the Fast Forward YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/user/FastForwardCrew)

We will post the other interview, from episode #183, in the near future.

Author Terry Pratchett, from 2003




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