What I did in the last week – 2

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Right. Made it for a second week. I think that’s a record 🙂

During the last week we went to two theatrical performances. Well, one and a half.

The first was at the Kennedy Center and was The Guardsman. This is a new translation of an 1910 comedy by Molnar. An earlier translation was filmed with Lunt and Fontaine as a light comedy. It is about a married theatrical couple (The Actor and The Actress) who have been married for nearly 6 months. This is how long every one of her numerous affairs have lasted. The Actor believes his wife is getting restless and is ready to leave him, so he decides to play the part of her ideal lover – a guardsman – so that he can test her love and win her again. This production didn’t work for us. We found the new translation clunky and unfunny. Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori in The Walking Dead) was the Actress and we both found her without charisma and I thought she seemed uncomfortable on the stage. We both found the best performance was the Maid, a small part, but played very well. I thought the Actor (played by Finn Wittrock) was OK, and may have been better if the script hadn’t been so bad. I can’t tell you if it improved in the second act, because we left at intermission. We just didn’t feel like staying and watching more of the mess. I think we’ve only done that once before (and we couldn’t remember what it was). I have to say that the reviewer in the Post completely disagreed with us and loved it. Oh yeah, the set and the costumes were excellent.

Then last Saturday night we went to the Arlington Cinema and Draft House to see a performance of Cinematic Titanic. This is Joel Hodgson and some of the others from MST3K – Mary Jo Piehl, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Coniff (TV’s Frank), and J. Elvis Weinstein (who did Tom Servo) – doing the MST3K thing and riffing on a bad movie. LIVE!!! The movie at the showing we saw was Danger on Tiki Island. Before the movie they did some comedy routines. These weren’t so good and I think they would have been better served by just introducing the folks and letting then do a few funny things as part of that. Once they took their places and the movie started, it was great. It was like living through an MST3K show. And, since it was the late show and only adults, it was a dirty MST3K. There were times I was laughing so hard that it was getting hard to breathe. They still have it. We all had a wonderful time. If this shows up where you live – catch it!! The tour schedule is on their website – http://www.cinematictitanic.com

See you next week!

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