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I thought I would do a blog post about what I was doing in the last week. I may try to do this every week. We’ll see if I stick with that :). So in the last week I went to two movies. We don’t go to many movies these days, so that was a change. Both times were weekday afternoons – an advantage of retirement.

The first movie was Star Trek:Into Darkness. Went with my wife and there were about a dozen people there, nearly all, like us, on senior discounts. We saw this on a regular screen (no IMAX, no 3D). We liked it. Sure, there were some plot issues, and, sure, there were problems with the science; but, to me, that’s OK for Star Trek. I was a huge fan of TOS when it was originally on and it had plot holes and bad science. What makes this work for me as a reboot, is that they have the key thing right – the relationships between the characters. It helps that they have good actors. Zachary Quinto did a wonderful job of subtly showing Spock’s human/Vulcan conflicts. Unsurprisingly, Benedict Cumberbatch was wonderful. Peter Weller was, well, Peter Weller, so that was great. There were a number of shout outs to the old fans – references to Mudd, the Gorn, and all that. When they did the original theme and the original voice over at the end, I had a bit of feels.

Then the other day, I (wife wasn’t interested) went to see Iron Man 3, again in the afternoon. This time they weren’t all seniors. Well, there were three at the theater and maybe two of us were seniors. This was in 3D, not IMAX. I liked Iron Man 1, liked 2 less. IM3 I enjoyed. It was a good solid comic book movie. Some of the effects were quite good, some not so much. I wish they would at least try to make the physics look more like the real world (given the need for the superhero stuff), and less like a video game. Given all that, it had the right feel for what it was. A lot of good Tony Stark off-hand comments and snark and some good character stuff as he matures – sort of. One problem with doing this movie after the Avengers is that I kept wondering why S.H.I.E.L.D wasn’t involved, I would have thought Captain America would have wanted in on this action. It also had Guy Pearce in it – he’s been in a bunch of movies that I really like – Memento, Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert, LA Confidential, Hurt Locker – and he, once again did a great job. And Ben Kingsley as well – he does two good characters. So, all in all, I liked the movie for doing a good solid job at what it was supposed to be.

I’ll try to be back next week.

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