Fast Forward #286 – Interview with Ada Palmer

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If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, Episode #286 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is available. This episode features another one of the interviews we conducted on location at Balticon 50 – this one with author, historian, composer and musician Ada Palmer. Ms. Palmer talks about using her expertise in history to help her build a complex future society for her first published novel, Too Like the Lightning.

You can find and watch the complete interview on the Fast Forward YouTube channel, or on the Fast Forward website. This interview was recorded in Baltimore, MD on 5/28/2016.


Author, historian & musician Ada Palmer

Also in this episode:

Guest book reviewer Steve Cordle discusses Night Shift, the 3rd Book in the Midnight Texas series by Charlaine Harris.
Marianne Petrino gives 5 chans, her highest rating, to the thoughtful anime series Gingitsune.
We talk (briefly) to Charlie Logan, the man behind “Dalek Rainer” at the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention.

This episode of Fast Forward was first shown in August of 2016.

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