Fast Forward #294 – Interview with Tim Powers

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The interview from episode #294 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is now available online at the Fast Forward YouTube Channel!

In this interview, award winning author Tim Powers talks about his approach to research and storyline for his novels of secret histories and the supernatural, and reveals the inspiration for some of the elements in his book, Medusa’s Web.

Photo of author Tim Powers

Tim Powers at Capclave 2016

He also discusses his early childhood in Buffalo, NY, the creation of the character William Ashbless, and his long friendship with fellow writers James Blaylock and Philip K. Dick.

The complete interview can be viewed on our YouTube channel at:,

or via the Fast Forward website, at

This interview was recorded on 10/07/2016, at the Capclave science fiction convention in Gaithersburg, MD, before a live audience.

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