Fast Forward #297 – Interview with Christine Taylor-Butler

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Episode #297 of Fast Forward:Contemporary Science Fiction is now available.

This episode features a Skype interview with author Christine Taylor-Butler, talking about her Lost Tribes book series. She discusses the relationships between the adult and young characters in the books, and the incorporation of puzzles into the story. Ms. Taylor-Butler also talks about her extensive catalog of nonfiction works for children.

The complete interview can be viewed on our YouTube channel at:

or via the Fast Forward website, at


Also in this episode:

Drew Bittner tells you why you should read the classic Terry Brooks novel, Sword of Shannara, the first book of the long-running Shannara series.
Marianne Petrino gives her highest rating of 5 chans to the anime movie Your Name.

The interview in this episode was originally recorded in March of 2019.

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