Tom Schaad

Producer and Show Host

Tom says that he spent 20 years in the US Coast Guard, but that he got better. He is a long time science fiction reader and fan who has been active in running conventions for many years. He has a special interest in Japanese anime.
Favorites: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Robert Heinlein

Mike Zipser

Producer and Show Host

When he was in the sixth grade, a friend named Jerome showed Mike his first science fiction book. He’s been reading science fiction almost exclusively ever since. Much later he and his lovely and pedantic wife (She Who Must Be Consulted) discovered fandom. Together they have worked on or run convention Art Shows and Programming for more years than they care to think about. When not reading Mike watches a whole lot of TV and horror films, plays RPGs, and enjoys retirement.

Kathi Overton

Associate Producer & Tech Nerd

Kathi is a lifelong media science fiction and horror fan who has actually learned to read, as well as watch teevee. She volunteers at conventions, puts together a Halloween “haunted house” for the neighborhood kids, and ekes out a living in the dark underbelly of the film & video industry. She is currently trying to figure out how to eliminate the need for sleep so that she can spend spend more night-time hours practicing astrophotography and time-lapsing.

Marianne Petrino

Anime Reviewer

Marianne is a member of anime first fandom having watched Astroboy in its original incarnation in 1963. She carries no special credentials as an anime reviewer other than an enthusiasm for the genre. However, she is revered for her questionable Thundercat fan fiction and superior gardening skills.


Colleen Cahill

Book Reviewer

Colleen was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania by parents who were both voracious readers. Not surprisingly, she has a library science degree and practices this art in her day job at the Library of Congress, where among her other duties she is the Recommending Officer for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Her goal is to read as much science fiction and fantasy as possible and share the cream of the crop with Fast Forward viewers.

Motto: Librarian by profession, reviewer by avocation, reader by addiction

John Pomeranz

Special Segment Reporter

In his misspent youth, John was the on-camera host for Fast Forward. He got demoted to handling special reports when he complained that he wanted to have a life rather than spend all his spare time prepping for interviews. He now spends his spare time prepping for and hosting hoax bid parties at science fiction conventions.

Invaluable Crew Members

There are also many other wonderful people who give of their time to help make Fast Forward happen.
We can’t possibly name them all here, but Steve Cordle and Ken Briley in particular have generously volunteered their talents and services to the show for many years.