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If you don’t know, we have a YouTube channel. You can find it under the name ‘Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction ‘. This is where we have been putting our interviews from the show and other special web only material. Take a look at what is there and feel free to head over and subscribe.

This special material includes (newest to oldest) –

  • David Brin on Predicting the Future with SF , one of a number of short pieces we shot with him when he was in DC recently. Expect more as time goes on.
  • A memorial of the Space Shuttle Columbia Crew
  • A report on the Nippon 2007 World Science Fiction Convention
  • A short stand up interview with Brit Mandelo, Sr. Fiction Editor and Julia Rios, Fiction Editor of Strange Horizons at Chicon 7: 70th World SF Convention
  • Highlights of the 2012 Nebula Awards Ceremony
  • A short interview with Alisa Krasnostein, publisher of Twelfth Planet Press Story when they won the 2010 WSFA Small Press Award
  • A short talk with Kathleen Ann Goonan at Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon
  • Saving Arlington’s Planetarium
  • A short talk with Laura Anne Gilman at Balticon 44
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch 
  • A short talk with Patrick Nielsen Hayden at the 2009 Worldcon
  • A short talk with Nalo Hopkinson at the 2009 Worldcon
  • A short talk with Robert Silverberg at the 2009 Worldcon
  • A short talk with Gary Wolfe at the 2009 Worldcon
  • Michael Swanwick & Marianne Porter read “Land of Our  Fathers”
  • A report on Virginia’s Will F. Jenkins (Murray Leinster) Day
  • Music Videos by Donald Wolcott
  • Short talks from Capclave 2008 with – Mindy Klasky, Maria V Snyder, James Morrow, Michael Swanwick
  • Cigar-Box Faust, a performance by Michael Swanwick
  • Periodic Table of Science Fiction: Sodium – Electric  Pickle, a performance by Michael Swanwick
  • Reports from Denvention 3, the 2008 Worldcon

The interviews that are currently on our YouTube Channel are (newest to oldest) –

  • Michael Dirda
  • Neil Clarke
  • Nick Mamatas
  • John Scalzi
  • Jennifer Allison
  • Keith Donohue
  • Phyllis Irene Radford
  • Edward M. Lerner
  • Joe Haldeman
  • Stanley Schmidt
  • Geoffrey A. Landis
  • Connie Willis
  • Bob Eggleton
  • Ginjer Buchanan
  • Jack McDevitt
  • Jeff Vandermeer
  • Ann Vandermeer
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Neal Stephenson
  • Kathleen Ann Goonan
  • James Morrow
  • Jim Butcher
  • A.C. Crispin
  • Matthew Mercer
  • Cory Doctorow (2 parts)
  • Catherine Asaro
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